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Election for 2019

It's time to elect your Board - The ICFS Board is a team of volunteers elected by... you!

Please take a look at each candidate’s profile below to find out about their motivation and the energy they wish to bring to ICF Switzerland. Your vote is important to us. Remember, you have up to 4 votes.

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A Word from the President, Esther Goette, PCC

ICF Vision: To represent the highest quality in professional coaching.

And it works thanks to the volunteers who believe in the power of coaching.

ICF is a professional association not a club. It is a specialized body of knowledge,and consists of a repertoire of behaviors and skills. ICF’s mandate is to maintain the integrity of our profession, and it helps us grow our businesses by providing standards of practice, certification and educational accreditation; by expanding coaching awareness with research and marketing; and by creating events for our community to come together for learning, inspiration and connection. We promote the understanding of the coaching profession and the visibility and credibility of our duly trained and accredited members.We build trust with our clients by adhering to the ethical standards, supporting the certification process, and committing to the promises we make in our contracts. Both your success and the success of ICF move the profession forward all over the world and here in Switzerland.

And ICF is shaped by you!

Being an ICFS Board member is an honor for me. I started my volunteering commitment for ICF in 2014 as a Co-Chapter Leader for Suisse Romande; eventually I became the Chapter Leader before I joined the Board as a member in 2016. Now having been President for a year,I can honestly say that co-creating with my coaching community is a wonderful experience. I enjoy the collaboration with other committed and passionate volunteers and consider myself lucky to support the mission of ICF.

It's time to elect your Board

As per the bylaws of ICF Switzerland, the Swiss ICF Board consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 members, elected for a two-year term, which can be renewed once.

In 2019, the following Board Members will start their 2nd year of mandate: Christine Billy; Karin Meerhoff. Françoise Depéry and Peter Wolf will finish their two-year terms by the end of 2018, and Louise Penrice will be moving to Asia next year. I and the whole Board would like thank them wholeheartedly for the many contributions they made while serving ICF throughout many years. Francisco Babtista had already left the Board during mid term.

Hence it is now time to elect up to 4 Board Members for the period of 2019/2020!

I encourage you to participate in the vote for the Board members of your ICF Switzerland. Please take a look at their profiles and find out more about them, their motivation and energy.

Thank you

Esther Goette, PCC, President

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Candidates for the 2019 - 2020 mandate

Debbie Brupbacher, ACC

Cover letter for the position of Board Member

 Linkedin profile of Debbie Brupbacher

Video presentation

Debbie is an energetic and passionate coach.  Originally trained as an Accountant and Project Manager, with over 20 years working in large multinationals gaining experience working cross culturally with diverse people and in various industries,  she pivoted in her career to follow her dream of supporting and developing people.  Her mission is to support and challenge others so they can step fully into their personal leadership, breakthrough their self-imposed limits, and live a fulfilling life.

Elias Gharbi, ACC

Cover letter for the position of Board Member

 Linkedin profile of Elias Gharbi

Video presentation


"My personal and professional path, my passion for leadership and entrepreneurship in combination with my newly acquired coaching competencies naturally leads me to Executive Coaching with a mission to contribute to a Human-based Leadership.

My key learnings are to embrace all the opportunities and challenges that life brings us, to celebrate small wins, to deal with setbacks, to trust uncertainty, to remain flexible and open to new perspective in looking at things from different angles, to understand oneself and others, to dare and seek a life purpose."


Nina Giustiniani, ACC

Cover letter for the position of Board Member

 Linkedin profile of Nina Giustiniani

Video presentation

Nina is a Leadership Coach who has worked with executives and private people in Hong Kong and now in Switzerland / Europe. With her multicultural background and extensive experience with transition, she helps her clients, navigate change in a fast moving world. She believes that lasting high performance at work needs to go hand in hand with personal wellbeing and a life lived closely in line with personal values. She is passionate about partnering with her clients to help close the gaps.

Saba Imru-Mathieu, PCC

Cover letter for the position of Board Member

 Linkedin profile of Saba Imru-Mathieu

Video presentation

Saba Imru-Mathieu is an Executive Leadership Coach and Co-Founder of Leaders Today whose work focuses on developing international leaders and fostering collaboration in multicultural workplaces.

She sees coaching and coaches as key contributors to creating humane and high-performing organizations and she is determined to contribute to the ICF efforts towards an ever-higher recognition of our profession.


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