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A Word from the President, Nathalie Ducrot, MCC

Nathalie Ducrot

This is my ICF. It is your ICF, too. 

And it works with volunteers who believe in the power of coaching.

ICF is a professional association not a club. We are a specialized body of knowledge, a repertoire of behaviors and skills. We maintains the integrity of our profession and helps us grow our businesses by providing standards of practice, certification and educational accreditation; by expanding coaching awareness with research and marketing; and by creating events for our community to come together for learning, inspiration and connection. We promote the understanding of the coaching profession and the visibility and credibility of our dully trained and accredited members.We build trust with our clients by adhering to the ethical standards, supporting the certification process, and committing to the promises we make in our contracts. Both your success and the success of ICF move the profession forward all over the world and here in Switzerland.

How would you like to have this happen without you? 

Being a significant member is my honor. It has been a privilege to serve my coaching community since almost ten years and after three years I will end my term as President following  at the end of 2017. When we believe in, support and expand the power of coaching together, we shine a bright light in our uncertain world. I never question my contribution to ICF. With my heart, my gut and my leadership experience, what I get in return is far more valuable than the time and energy I spend.

Have you ever thought of becoming a significant member? becoming one of the 7 Board Members? Joining  one of the regional team in Basel? Bern? Geneva? Ticino? Zürich?

It's time to elect your Board

As per the bylaws of ICF Switzerland, the Swiss ICF Board consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 members, elected for a two-year term, which can be renewed once.

In 2018, the following Board Members will start their 2nd year of mandate: Francisco Baptista, Françoise Depéry and Peter Wolf.

Esther Goette will finish her two-year term by the end of 2017 and would like to continue her involvement, as President. Celine has decided to move on, and we thank her wholeheartedly for the many contributions she made while serving ICF.

hence it is now time to elect up to 4 Board Members for the period of 2018/19.

You will vote for a new honorable President, Esther Goette who I fully support and I encourage you to vote for Board Members and to stick close to them for growing your ICF in Switzerland.Please take a look at their profiles and find out more about them.

Thank you

Nathalie Ducrot, MCC, Présidente

Candidates for the 2018 - 2019 mandate

Candidates for reappointment

Esther Goette

Esther Goette, PCC,  Board member

Cover letter for the position of Board Member

 Linkedin profile of Esther Goette

Video presentation

Esther’s core values are “connection” and “learning” . She is committed to lead her life from heart, being connected with her purpose, and to impact others to try the same. 

New Candidates to the Board 2018/2019

Selena Betton

Selena Betton, ACC

Cover letter for the position of Board Member

 Linkedin profile of Selena Betton

Video presentation

Selena is a lifelong navigator and catalyst, with a passion for traveling, yoga, meditation - and above all, making the connections to understand and unlock individual and collective transformation.

Christine Billy

Christine Billy, ACC

Cover letter for the position of Board Member

 Linkedin profile of Christine Billy

Video presentation

I am engaged in Coaching since 2009, with a high commitment to the development of the profession. It had thus been a great pleasure to co-launch and co-lead the ICF Basel Chapter this year, with the set-up of a local community of more than 100 coaches from the tri-region (Switzerland, France and Germany). 

Meeting regularly allows us to learn, share knowledge, develop collaborations and perform research, and I would be happy to contribute even further by joining the ICF Switzerland Board in 2018.

Eleonora Chessa

Eleonora Chessa, ACC

Cover letter for the position of Board Member

 Linkedin profile of Eleonora Chessa

Eleonora is here to put her 17 years of team-member and team leader experience, as well as 5 of coaching at your service. She is at her best when cultivating the empowered, outward looking mindset that allows families and teams to have the clarity and interdependence during challenging times. This is a mindset that can only surge from a deep place of belonging, creativity and resilience. An expert in multicultural environments and adapting to different countries in various languages, Eleonora is particularly specialised in cutting through stereotypes and beliefs that obstruct communication flow, to get straight to what matters, and move a situation forward. 

Karin Meerhoff

Karin Meerhoff, MCC

Cover letter for the position of Board Member

 Linkedin profile of Karin Meerhoff

 Video presentation

Karin is a MCC with 26 years of experience, developing professionals and leading programs of organizational change. She has focus her career on executive coaching, she is the Founder of Enlight Peru and served many national and multinational companies across Latin America. 

Her passion has always been helping people develop their full potential impacting in the organization where they work and achieving high levels of personal satisfaction.  She is an Organizational Psychologist and has two MBA one in human resources and another in marketing.

Recently moved to Switzerland, in a new stage of her life, Karin has more time to dedicate to an active role at ICF. She is confident that with her passion, multicultural knowledge and coaching experience she can have a strong contribution for the future of ICF Switzerland.

Lisa Christen

Lisa Christen, ACC

 Linkedin profile of Lisa Christen

Lisa is a coach, trainer, consultant, and thought leader in Leadership Agility and Peak Performance. She is fascinated by the hidden potential in people. Her passion is to support people and companies in realizing their potential and achieving their greatness. Her vision for ICF Switzerland is to continue building a community to support coaches and to foster deeper education and growth in our abilities as coaches. She strongly believes that coaching is the fundamental tool that can assist people in leading more fulfilling lives and pursuing more fulfilling careers – and that the world is better off with more professional coaches!

Louise Penrice

Louise Penrice, ACC

Cover letter for the position of Board Member

 Linkedin profile of Louise Penrice

 Video presentation

Louise is an experienced education and people development professional and has lived in Europe, the USA and Asia. A former Head of a bilingual school in Switzerland, she now has her own company OpenMinds, offering leadership development, Educational Consultancy and Coaching. Louise is passionate about developing caring, creative and highly competent leaders, particularly in the field of education and for people and organisations facing key transitions. Originally trained in the UK, she has an MBA and has worked as a consultant developing leaders in larger organisations. Louise passionately believes in the transformative power of coaching and would love to share in increasing the awareness of the work that ICF does across Switzerland, whilst deepening understanding of the value of professionalism within coaching

Julia Posselt

Julia Posselt, ACC

Cover letter for the position of Board Member

 Linkedin profile of Julia Posselt

 Video presentation

It will make me proud to contribute with my skills, knowhow and good practices in a team at the forefront of the coaching industry in Switzerland. Offering a high quality of service to other people with an excellent level of diligence and openness. 
Let’s go together. Raising awareness about the coaching profession in the wider community. 
Giving way to passion, my commitment to you is to invest myself in sharing the beauty and power of professional coaching. With my professional background in communication design and project management, I love to think and design the future, to co-create in teams, and to make visions come true – moving strategies into action. 


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