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24-01-2017 - Chapter meeting Suisse Romande

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The Seven Spheres of Resilience

How does a skyscraper survive an earthquake?

Speaker: Karsten Drath

Resilience has been named as one of the most relevant skills of highly successful people when it comes to making a difference in today's business world. The key is to get back up on your feet when "life hits you with a brick on the head". Resilience is what enables a greater capacity to act constructively when faced with today's personal and business pressures, crises and change. It also enables us to emerge from adversity with renewed strength and vigor.

Karsten Drath will introduce the audience to the model of "Seven Spheres of Resilience" and bring it to life through several exercises and activities. The audience will walk away with a strong understanding of the resilience concept as well as the ability to apply resilience interventions during coaching processes and any other situations.


  • What is resilience, and what levers influence resilience?
  • Introduction to the model "Seven Spheres of Resilience"
  • Techniques of resilience interventions


Core Competencies: Creating Awareness; Designing Actions


Karsten Drath

Karsten is a coach, author, speaker and entrepreneur. He is Managing Partner at Leadership Choices, an executive coaching firm with a strong focus on senior executives, with global footprint. Karsten has published several books on the subject of leadership, resilience and coaching, including "Resilience in Corporate Leadership". He developed the model "Seven Spheres of Resilience" which was adopted by such renowned Leadership Training institutions as the Center for Creative Leadership.

Karsten holds the EMCC EIA Master Level; he is a qualified engineer, Executive MBA and psychotherapist. He works in German and in English and lives with his dynamic patchwork family near Heidelberg.


Participants with ICF Certification will receive 2 CCEUs.

Organised by

Esther Goette

Veronica de la Fuente

Michal Abel

Catherine Hickel

Cindy Rosset

Sandra Peter


Date:Tuesday, January 24 2017
18:30 welcome and sign-in -> Please note: NO APERO YET
19:00-21:00 workshop: Speaker: Karsten Drath
21:00-22:00 apéro and networking at BARAWINE, Place du Château 14
Location:Place du Château 2, 1er étage, 1260 Nyon
Fees:CHF 10 - ICF Swiss members
CHF 20 - ICF members
CHF 40 - for non-ICF members
Language: English


* The ICF SR team proposes a new, more flexible formula: For some events we will return to the Salle Communale in Nyon and have apero afterwards in the nearby bar. We would love to have your feedback, so please join and let us know. We will still have events at Webster where we can serve drinks and nibbles. And we are looking into options to get closer to Lausanne, please stay tuned.


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Place du Château 2, 1er étage, 1260 Nyon


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