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Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action Swiss program for 2020

We are proud to announce our Swiss training programme for 2020. In addition to the 3-day Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action workshops, we are also commencing with the full accredited 18-month Ontological Coaching and Leadership training programme in June 2020.

Ontology is the study of being and Ontological Coaching focuses on Way of Being as the path to deep and lasting behaviour change. Our Way of Being is the key driver of our behaviour and communication. This is where our perceptions and attitudes live, which can limit us, are deep seated and out of our awareness. It is a profound way to work with ourselves and others, at the level of our perceptions and attitudes. It deals with the multi-dimensional nature of humans as biological, linguistic, emotional, somatic, cultural and historical beings. Ontological Coaching rests on a strong theoretical base. It combines the biology of cognition, phenomenology, philosophy of language, emotions and the body. Each of these academic disciplines created breakthrough thinking in the last part of the 20th century. Flowing from this, a new practical understanding of how humans function, learn and change came about. 

If you are interested in bringing about lasting change for yourself, individuals, teams, businesses and organisations, Ontological Coaching is a powerful way to make this happen. 

The 3-day Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action workshop is a stand-alone workshop and offers a robust introduction to Ontological Coaching. It is highly practical and useful for leaders as well as people new to or experienced in coaching. It is a pre-requisite to the 18 month ACTP ICF (PCC) accredited in depth Ontological Coaching Training (269 hours) and also helps people identify whether this approach is for them. 

The 18-month Coaching Training Program consists of 3 Levels: 
Level 1: Focuses on the understanding of language in everyday interactions and coaching.
Level 2:  Focuses on moods and emotions and how we can recognise, work with and shift the way moods and emotions impact on communication, behaviour and performance.
Level 3:  Focuses on the role of the body and how through working with the body we can create a sustainable shift in who and how we are. In level 3 the effective application of the ontological framework in organisations and teams in relation to organisational improvement and cultural change are also covered.

A key component of the workshops and training programme is coaching conversations that happen between participants.  These are observed and feedback is offered to support the development of participants' coaching capacity. 

Ontological Coaching & Leadership in Action workshops (24 CCEU):
5-7 March 2020 by Karen White and Alan Sieler
13-15 June 2020 by Karen White and Alan Sieler
Venue: Basel: 6 Byfangweg, Basel, CH-4051

Ontological Coaching 18-month Training program
commence 13-15 June 2020

For more information, please contact:
Rebecca van der Merwe
Tel 0041 798508268


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