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Dear IOMBA Students,

You may recall that during your kick off date on 1 September 2014, ICF Switzerland has made an agreement with IOMBA to provide you coaching sessions.

You will find below a list of experienced coaches who have agreed  to offer each of you 3 one hour session of telephone/skype coaching. 

How to profit from this offer ?

Feel free to contact directly the coach showing « available »  by using his or her email address mentioning that  you are a IOMBA students. Then you will arrange directly with your coach the dates and hours for your first appointment .

We encourage you to watch the attached video that gives you an idea of how coaching works

Possible subjects to be discussed with your coach are described in the attached PDF presentation.

Happy coaching !

The ICFS Team in service of humanity flourishing. 

Gianna Battolo, ACC

If I were to give you an image of my professional journey, it would be an explorer!

My name is Gianna Battolo and I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) where I promote the coaching profession within human resource departments as an ambassador of ICF Switzerland.

Working for more than 20 years at national and multinational companies has provided me the opportunity to understand and absorb various types of organisational and managerial cultures, as well as the value of an organization's human resources.

Due to periods of economic downturn and financial crisis over the years, I have had many opportunities to observe how multinational companies manage their evolution and how their staff reacts to significant change such as innovation, mergers or reorganization.

Therefore, my professional experience has been enhanced through a range of different projects and a variety of perspectives from product management to developing skills of new and innovative teams.

In 2007, my sights turned in a new direction and I decided to create my company gbcoaching with the aim of helping people to find their talents during period of transition in their career, including development of self-leadership skills and business strategy conceptualization.

I speak fluent French, English and Italian and coach in these 3 languages.

Dr. Ernst Bechinie, MCC

Swiss and Austrian, located in Lausanne. 

Ernst accompanies entrepreneurs, executives and professionals in leadership challenges and professional/personal transition phases since ten years.

His working areas are coach, mentor and supervisor. 

To this he brings 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive and consultant building up consulting businesses in Germany and Switzerland. Amongst others he founded and managed his own company focusing in strategy, organization and people development during 20 years in Frankfurt, before selling to PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Prior to that he was a partner of the International consultancy, the Hay Group in Germany.

During his consulting time he was accountable for projects in Europe and USA for international and German corporations and institutions. 

Ernst holds a Master Degree in Civil Engineering of the Technical University of Vienna and a PhD in Political Science of the University of Vienna.

He is trained in different methods of coaching: Advanced Program of the Academy of Executive Coaching in London; Solution Focused Brief Coaching, Transformational Coaching and Gestalt-oriented Coaching.

He also has a background in Organization and Applied Individual Psychology. This includes a Diploma in Organization and System Development of the Cleveland Gestalt Institute and training in Psychoanalytical oriented mentoring and coaching in Germany.

Publication: Secrets of Entrepreneurship, Revealed by those who did it, 2013. 

Ernst is passionate to work with individuals and groups in companies, entrepreneurs and private clients on business challenges with a strong focus on personal development. He works in English and German.

Françoise Depéry, PCC

Françoise Depéry, PCC, is career and executive coach. From more than 10 years, she accompanies managers at all levels, for development plans, career transitions, assessments, talent management, individual and team coachings.
She has a master of Science (Geneva University) and is professional certified coach (PCC) with a master in Leadership and Communication and a CAS (Certificate of Applied Studies) in cognitive and behavioral strategies (Psychology Institute of Geneva University).

She has a pragmatic and structured approach, uses tools and methods from systemic and positive psychology, and from cognitive and behavioral strategies. She worked many years for pharmaceutical industry, at Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Human Resources as L&D Manager. She developed international experience and contributed to put in place many global HR projects. She created and managed the new Learning Center of Geneva Headquarters and was internal coach before becoming independent coach and trainer. 

From 2010, she is actively involved in the Swiss International Coach Federation, as chapter leader for Suisse Romande and works for the recognition of the coaching professionalism.

In 2013 she wrote a book with Nathalie Ducrot ″Un coach peut-il m’aider et comment?″ Interéditions Dunod, translated in English : "Professional Coaching! Is it time to hire a coach?" Amazon editions, 2013.  

French mother tongue, she lives in Switzerland and enjoys walking, nature, simplicity and discovering new countries. 

Please contact Françoise


Nathalie Ducrot, PCC

Nathalie is an Executive and Team Coach, Learning Facilitator, Trainer, with proven skills as an accredited Master Coach Leadership and Communication, Professional Certified Coach by International Coach Federation and NLP Practitioner. She concentrates on assisting people and organizations in discovering, using and amplifying their strengths in order to positively adapt their leadership style and genuinely influence their peers and environment. She has coached and debriefed leaders, managers at several agencies of the United Nations (humanitarian or non humanitarian) as well as various governmental or non-governmental organizations and divers companies from small to multinational and dedicated special interest in leadership and career development. 

Main key areas of expertise : 

  • Leadership Impact to support managers and leaders in their learning journey and carreer development.
  • Effectice Communication to foster collaboration, strengthen relationships and improve results.
  • Essential Motivation to help people break throught to greater self-awareness and inner ressources. 

Nathalie is a native French speaker and is fluent in English. 

As author and speaker: 

In 2012, she published a workbook in French based on positive neuroscience to demonstrate motivation as an "inner process" of continuous learning. Motivation, le déclic (InterEditions)

In 2013, her more recent book described when and how people can benefit from a professional coach. - Professional Coaching, Is It Time to Hire a Coach?

Un Coach peut-il m'aider et comment? (InterEditions)

Please contact Nathalie



Esther Goette, ACC

Esther is an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, specialized in executive leadership coaching and career transition coaching. She works with her clients to attain a higher level of self awareness and self-confidence, smarter goal setting and lower stress levels. She particularly enjoys coaching  women who work at multinational corporations and organizations, and who want to have a successful career/job, balanced with a fulfilled personal life.

Prior to becoming a certified Co-Active Coach (2009-2012), Esther has a successful 20 year career as global marketing professional within several Fortune 200 corporations and small start-up environments, in the FMCG/Consumer Goods sector (Colgate-Palmolive; Clairol; Procter & Gamble), in Health Care (Novartis OTC; jeCare) and the New Media industry ( She is a strong global leader of multi-functional and multi-cultural teams and has worked in complex matrix structures of multinational corporations, in Europe and the USA. 

Esther is an experienced trainer and facilitator, and leads workshops as well as trainings on the subject of Team Development; Leadership Development; Communication; Innovation. She works in  German (mother tongue),  English, as well as Spanish.  

Virginia Humud Guerrero, BA

Specialties: Personal and Executive Coach, Brief and Solution Focus Coach and Appreciative Coach, and a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), as well as Trainer, Facilitator, HR , Learning and Recruitment Specialist.
Virginia has been responsible for initiating and implementing a wide range of organizational development initiatives with specific concern for cultural and gender diversity. She has an excellent track record in building collaborative relationships and partnerships with internal and external clients.

Virginia is sought after for her coaching and mentoring competences. During the course of her diverse and international career, she has engaged professionally throughout the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.
Virginia has led training and organizational change efforts for a variety of organizations, including UNAIDS, UNHCR, UNESCO, UNEP, UNCTAD, UN-ECLA, IDRC, ICRAF, WMO, WIPO, WHO, and the International Organization for Migration, ICRAF. Virginia also volunteers her time and expertise to several educational institutions (University of Granada, University of St Gall, and University of Geneva), NORLHA and others.

Virginia can communicate and work in Spanish, English and French and have specific strengths and sensitivity to multi-cultural and multi-stakeholder work environments.

see my profile on LinkedIn

Area of expertise Coaching Facilitation Training
Languages English Spanish French
Over 10 years as Coach Facilitator Trainer
Over 35 years in HR OD SD

Please contact Virginia



Dr. Beatrice Sigrist Charbonnier, PCC

Dr. Beatrice Sigrist Charbonnier, a Certified Coach, focuses on action, learning, and change. She is passionate about heightening the performance and productivity of clients to achieve their goals and bottom-line results, and to find more fulfillment in what the client does and contributes to his or her organization.

Beatrice has more than 10 years of experience in C-level executives in the financial services industry, from multinational organizations to small banks and insurance companies. She has expertise in leadership development, in industries such as health services, consumer goods and chemicals, sports, IT, and government. She further established collaboration with the Ken Blanchard Companies for leadership coachings, with Right Management for career and talent development, and with private clinics and health experts for coaching after burnout.

Beatrice gained professional experience in the Financial Services Industry since 1996:

  • Key Account Manager for all key accounts of the financial services industry of Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young; initiated and moderated Best Practices Exchange among these Partners; developed and implemented concepts of strategies for business development as well as personal learning.
  • Senior Business Consultant on Communication-, HR-, and Change projects in the Financial Services Industry for Arthur Andersen AG
  • Co-founder and member of the board of a Venture Capital start-up un in Beijing, China
  • Credit- and Saving-Expert for United Nations (International Labour Office)

Beatrice holds a Ph.D. in business administration (entrepreneurship: opportunity recognition) from Universities of Basel and Geneva, Switzerland. She also holds a graduate Degree in Sociology, from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris and a Master in Economics from the University of Berne.

In addition, Beatrice is an ICF certified Coach (International Coach Federation), member of the board of ICF Switzerland, a member of European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and a member of the Swiss Expert Network on Burnout (SEB). She is an affiliate member of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate. Her coaching education includes Creative Leadership, Ben Furman’s Reteaming, Jens Corssen’s Self- Management, Friedrich Glasl’s Best Practices in Conflicts, and Hans Ruis’s Spiral Dynamics.

Beatrice’s native language is German. Beatrice also speaks English and French fluently and Spanish at the conversational level. Beatrice likes hiking and dancing, cooking and reading, and visiting museums. She is married, and a mother of three kids.

Bio in PDF

Please contact Beatrice



Sonja Robinson, ACC


Sonja Robinson has experience in Leader Coaching at the Midd and Top Management Level, Career Coaching as well as Business Development. My experience is based on over 80 hours of Leader and Career Coaching. The clients I have worked with are Senior Managers, Department Heads and Executives of the Fortune Global 500 companies.

My Coaching method is based on Brief Coachig for Lasting Solutions, initiated by Steve the Shazer through his solution focused brief therapy approach in 1978. As the name implies, brief Coaching is about being brief and that is how I would describe my personal Coaching style too; structured approach, focused conversations, goal oriented as well as reasonable and result oriented guidance. I am further deepening my Coaching knowhow and practice with Wolfgang Stabentheiner’s FUTURE Core Coaching approach. I am a multilingual and well-travelled individual. My energy thrives on meeting people of all ethnicities, age, religion and gender. I focus on individuals who care about optimizing their potential, overcoming challenges, people who are eager to grow and continue to learn. 

Business/Organizational Leadership Experience

Before joining Right Management as a Senior Consultant and certified Coach, Sonja Robinson worked as a Project- and Senior Licensing Manager at the largest global non-profit football federation (FIFA). She managed international and multicultural teams, travelling globally for numerous international events and licensing projects.

During Sonja Robinson’s early career in hotel management, she coached and managed teams of up to 20 people in various positions. Back in Switzerland, she instructed and counselled consultants as a staffing and training coordinator at McKinsey Zurich. She acted as the key coach and mentor for the consultants in their training and staffing developments/processes and issues.

Education and Training

Sonja Robinson has completed an MSc Program “Coaching and Consulting for Change” at HEC and Oxford Said University in 2011. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in hotel management degree at École Hôtelière de Lausanne as well as a Bachelor of Business degree in Project and Product Management with GSBA.

Sonja is an active ICF Board member. She is an ICF (ACC) certified coach and holds currently certifications in the following assessment tools; IDI/PD, Birkman, Insights Discovery and Hogan.

Sonja has spent over 5 years in the USA and shorter periods in Japan, Korea, China, Brasil, South Africa and most European countries.


Her language skills cover English, French, German both spoken and written fluently and advanced knowledge in Spanish.

Willem Jan Hofmans, PCC

Willem Jan has been an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant since 2007. To this he brought 25 years all-round experience as a senior executive with particularly strong expertise in General Management, Marketing, Sales and Services. He rose through the ranks of Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, Philips and Cardinal Health in the healthcare - and information technology sector. As part of his local, regional and global responsibilities he has lived in the Netherlands, the USA, South Africa, Germany and Switzerland and has travelled to many more countries. He has an established track record in international business and is regarded as an exceptional leader.

To complement his significant experience of leading, managing and coaching people, Willem Jan successfully graduated from the Leadership Coaching Certificate program at Georgetown University in April 2008; he is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). He is working on his Doctorate in Business Administration at Grenoble Ecole de Management since November 2009 and his research focuses on the effectiveness of executive coaching.

Willem Jan’s passion is to work with individuals and teams in organizations to deliver results through a strong emphasis on the human dimension of business. He works in English, French, German and Dutch.

Please contact William Jan



Peter Wolf, PCC

Peter Wolf founded his own company MCC Management Consulting & Coaching in 1999 and provides high quality services as independent Executive Coach & Consultant.

His business proposals include corporate strategies, leadership competencies, change processes and coaching:


  • Individual career development
  • Development programs for individuals and management teams
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Coaching change processes 

His consulting and coaching experience includes national and international companies in activities such as: service delivery, consumer goods, banking, insurance, aviation, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy as well as administration and institutions.

Peter has worked in the service industry and held leadership and senior management functions in Switzerland and enjoyed an expatriate live for more than 18 years in European countries and India. His areas of expertise are: international leadership experience at senior level; mentor for career development programs; international reorganization and consolidation projects; leadership in crisis management.

Peter attended the Executive Coaching Program at the Academy of Executive Coaching London (AoEC) and returns regularly for continuous education.

His passion to work with individuals and teams is delivered with high energy. Peter proposes his services in four languages: German, English, French and Italian.


Please contact Peter Wolf




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