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29 sept. 2020 | ICF Basel

Experiencing the differences in coaching: “ACC-PCC-MCC Coaching Demonstration- One client, Same topic”

Life coaching demonstration using three levels of professional coaching skills ACC/ PCC / MCC with the same coachee bringing the same topic. The goal...


12 oct. 2020 | Chapter Ticino, Virtual event

The Digital Training: beyond the videoconference

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the phenomenon called “digital transformation”, that was just emerging in every field, including...


20 oct. 2020 | ICF Chapter Bern

Priority management using Kanban

Priority management is a widely covered topic as well as a deep concern for many of us.

As a project manager, Michèle Richard, was always deeply...


27 oct. 2020 | ICF Chapter Basel

Applying Microanalysis of Face-to-Face Dialogue in Coaching: How we co-construct meaning in dialogue!

With Microanalysis of Face-to-Face Dialogue (MFD), we can see in detail, moment by moment, how we co-construct meaning in conversations. 


14 nov. 2020 | ICF Synergie

L'A.R.T. et l'arithmétique du coeur en coaching - Nadia Ben Hadj Salem

Les émotions font partie de notre réalité humaine. Elles sont incontournables et rendent nos expériences personnelles par nos réactions physiologiques...



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Evénements ICFS

17 nov. 2020 | 13:00

ICF Online Open Space in Deutsch

ICF Chapter Basel, Bern and...


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