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Thank you for your interest in leading a workshop at one of our ICF Switzerland Chapter Events

More information:

  • This call concerns all ICF Chapters : Zurich, Suisse Romande, Bern, Ticino.

  • Our monthly chapter meetings are a gathering platform for members and allied professionals to network with each other, with leaders and innovators. The meetings are meant to provide instruction and guidance on select topics, tools, coaching models and trends which are important today and in the near future, for both professional coaches as well as coaches-in-training. Overall, they need to support the objectives of ICF Switzerland which are:

              - To attract current and potential ICF members and HR professionals

              - To contribute to the professionalization of the coaching profession

              - To provide interactive workshops to facilitate learning, skills, and experience

              - For ICF coaches to become the preferred resource for the business community

  • During your presentation we ask that you focus on the workshop content, and not sell your business or future programs. Please avoid use of jargon specific to your particular coach school’s training. Our audience is diverse, coming from many coaching schools as well as the business world; some are new to coaching. We encourage you to have an interactive workshop in order to sustain participants' interest.

  • At the time of your program, your promotional materials (business card, workshop flyers, brochures, etc.) may be displayed near the ICF registration table. You are invited to promote an upcoming workshop or teleclass.

  • Your participation in leading your workshop is voluntary. Travel and hotel expenses may be covered, as per prior agreement and upon providing invoices.

  • Your Chapter Event will be according the language of the chapter: at all Chapter Events you could speak English or the respective language.

  • You are welcome to promote the event at your best convenience to help us attract as many participants as possible and to avoid giving a similar presentation during the same month for a similar audience.

  • The Chapter Leader will help and coach you to present if you wish so in order to make your ICF chapter event a great event for you as well as for the audience.

  • Facilitation or presentation skills and experience is preferred.

  • The Chapter Events usually last 1.5 hours, so your presentation must be at least 1-hour in length and meet ICF standards.

  • We will submit your proposal to the ICF Global for FINAL approval, so that Continuing Education Units can be given to the coaches present that evening.

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We encourage you to have an interactive workshop to sustain participants interests.

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This ICF Chapter event teaches skills or tools directly related to:

A. Setting the Foundation
Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards

Establishing the Coaching Agreement
B. Co-creating the Relationship

Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client

Coaching Presence
C. Communicating Effectively
Active Listening
Powerful Questioning

Direct Communication
D. Facilitating Learning and Results
Creating Awareness
Designing Actions
Planning and Goal Setting
Managing Progress and Accountability
 For further detail about ICF Core Competencies, click here.
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