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20 juin 2018 | ICF Synergie

Expérimenter l'Intelligence Emotionnelle, accompagner la connaissance de soi et le développement du leadership

Introduction sur la science des émotions Expérimentation : 24 heures d'émotions. Business case pour inciter les entreprise à investir Modèle Genos...


25 juin 2018 | Chapter Zurich, Pädagogische Hochschule

Erfolgreiche Anwendung von Coaching-Skills in Transformations-Projekten

Ob Reorganisation, Entlassungen oder Zusammenführung von Teams - Transformations-Projekte zielen darauf ab, einen Bereich oder ein Team komplett zu...


26 juin 2018 | Chapter Suisse Romande, Webster Univeristy

How to square values? – Overcoming different concepts of values and making them valuable

Personal and cultural values drive the behavior we perceive when interacting with people. But how can we detect these values? How do we deal with...


03 juil. 2018 | Chapter Basel, Perspectiva

Zoom IN - Zoom OUT: A Solution Focused Methodology for measuring business impact and ROI of Coaching

As coaches we know that coaching works, we can see it, we hear our coachees tell us all the important changes they have made and how these are...


03 juil. 2018 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Supervision in Coaching

A lot of things are said about Supervision. A lot of people define themselves as Supervisor. But in fact, what is Supervision, what is a professional...


Evénements ICFS

25 juin 2018 | 18:00

Erfolgreiche Anwendung von Coaching-Skills in...

Chapter Zurich, Pädagogische...
26 juin 2018 | 18:00

How to square values? – Overcoming different concepts...

Chapter Suisse Romande,...
03 juil. 2018 | 18:30

Zoom IN - Zoom OUT: A Solution Focused Methodology for...

Chapter Basel, Perspectiva ...
03 juil. 2018 | 18:45

Supervision in Coaching

Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter ...


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