International Coach Federation Switzerland

Master Coach in Leadership and Communication

BY ABOODI SHABI, International Speaker, Executive Coach
In the increasingly complex and uncertain world in which we live and work, we need more than just “more of the same” – organisations and individuals are facing profound challenges. As we face those changes we need leaders and coaches who are willing to embark on their own transformation in order to serve and inspire others as we face the unknown future.
 In these three days, we will work with the models of ontological coaching ™, pioneered by Raphael Echeveria and Julio Olalla who describe it as "a process aimed at producing a change in a person's soul, which only happens when we are willing to observe, question and be curious enough to change the self that we are".
The way we see ourselves and the world determines how we are, and our capacity for action. By shifting and expanding how we see, we expand our possible range of actions. How we see or the “Observer” we are, is made up of:

  •  Language, or the words you speak and in which you frame your thoughts.
  •  Intelligence of your moods and emotions.
  •  The way we inhabit and move through space. 

In this module, we will explore the use of language, moods and emotions, and the non-verbal in empowering leaders to achieve impactful and sustainable results for themselves as well as for the broader organisation and beyond. Coaches will develop their own capacity to engage powerfully and effectively with others, and have a much greater impact on those whom they coach.


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