International Coach Federation Switzerland

Bern Past Events

03 Jul 2018 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Supervision in Coaching

A lot of things are said about Supervision. A lot of people define themselves as Supervisor. But in fact, what is Supervision, what is a professional...


15 Mar 2018 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Clean Language - a powerful and effective way to gain authentic information

This evening workshop will introduce you to Clean Language – a powerful and effective way to communicate which gets to the heart of things. Clean...


05 Dec 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

NLP (Neuro-Linguistisches Programmieren) heute: Entstehung, Entwicklung und Anwendung

Mario Farber


24 Oct 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Experience Coaching using Disney Strategy

Agnieszka Rychlewska, ACC


05 Sep 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Phototherapie im Coaching - die emotionale Kraft der Bilder

by Sabrina Streit, PCC


10 May 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Letting go of certainties by navigating the unknown

A set of practical and interactive exercises for the coach to become more aware of what is happening in the present moment and fully engage with that....


22 Feb 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Gebrauch von Werkzeugen der Gestalt im Coaching

Lebenssituation mit Schachfiguren aufstellen. Spielerischer Umgang mit schwierigen Themen. Systemische Zusammenhänge aufzeigen


24 Jan 2017 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Ethics in Coaching

"Ethics in Coaching" - it is getting more and more awareness and from this year on it is also required by the International Coach Federation for your...


07 Dec 2016 | Dr. Ernst Bechinie

Working with Fears and Emotions in Coaching

Understanding and excepting my emotions behind my actions gives me confidence and energy for what I do. With this I moved to a next level of...


02 Nov 2016 | T. Daneschwar Roux, S. Streit - Coaching Square Swiss

Coachen mit dem Process Communication Model®

Process Communication Model® vermittelt praxisbezogene Techniken für Führung, Teamarbeit und Kundenorientierung. Es ist ein umfassendes...


20 Sep 2016 | Katrina Burrus, MCC

Social Media and Coaching

14 Jun 2016 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

The Magic of Organisational Coaching - Part 2: : "Transforming exhausted organisations"

18 May 2016 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Marco Spahr: Stressmanagement

22 Mar 2016 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

The Magic of Organizational Coaching - Part 1: Organisational Burnout

19 Jan 2016 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Energie Management

15 Dec 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Peter Szabo, MCC: Die Kraft eines einzigen Gespräches - Zehn Vor-Weihnachtsgeschichten voller Möglichkeit und Wunder

17 Nov 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Willem Jan Hofmans: A framework to capture impact of leadership coaching

14 Oct 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Renatus Hoogenraad: Stakeholder Mapping for Coaches: A tool to grow your own business and to give clarity to your clients

15 Sep 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Panel Discussion: The Use of Coaching in Swiss Companies

09 Jun 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter, Kramgasse 73, Bern

Jesper Christiansen: Building Trust and Intimacy with your clients (as an alternative to "dealing with resistance")

06 May 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter, Kramgasse 73, Bern

Alex Khatuntsev, HR Director: Coaching Business Marketing Mix

24 Mar 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter, Kramgasse 73, Bern

Dr. Ernst Bechinie, MCC: Der Weg in die Selbständigkeit

25 Feb 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter, Kramgasse 73, Bern

Marius Boesch: Leistungssport & Coaching

20 Jan 2015 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Marina Riedi: Emotional Intelligence

15 Dec 2014 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Lori Palmer: Internal Coaching

20 Oct 2014 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Renatus Hoogenraad: Improviation skills for coaches