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26-06-2018 - ICF Chapter Meeting Suisse Romande

How to square values? – Overcoming different concepts of values and making them valuable 

Speaker: Eva-Maria Hartwich


Personal and cultural values drive the behavior we perceive when interacting with people. But how can we detect these values? How do we deal with different values? How do we not get stuck in opposing values but make a step towards each other to co-create and co-work constructively? How do we handle our own inner conflicts in behaviour and principles?
The values and development square (a coaching model by Paul Helwig / Friedemann Schulz von Thun) provides eye-opening answers. It paves the way for getting out of a bipolar way of looking at different values. It helps to understand the values behind our own and other people’s behaviour and to consciously adjust reaction to get out of one-way communication. The scope of application is wide: our everyday life, at work, in intercultural contexts, intrapersonally and in our human interactions.
Learning through experience: You will get to know the tool and practise it in your contexts. The leading questions will be: How does it work? How to use it? For whom is it suitable? When to use it? When not to use it?       


  • Add a tool to your coaching toolbox 
  • Get acquainted with the model & practise it in your contexts
  • Strengthen awareness for the driving values behind behaviour
  • Know how to overcome different concepts of value interpersonally as well as intrapersonnally and adjust behaviour constructively  

ICF Core Competencies

  • Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client; Coaching Presence;
  • Creating Awareness;
  • Designing Actions

About the speaker

Eva-Maria Hartwich is the Intercultural Trainer, Consultant & Coach behind Embrace Differences ( She has been training and coaching global teams, executives, expatriates and their partners. Her approach is personalised, interactive, solution-oriented and action-oriented.
Eva-Maria studied languages, translation and international relations in Grenoble (France) and Edinburgh (UK), and holds certificates in Intercultural Coaching and Intercultural Training from the University of Jena (Germany).
She worked for more than 10 years within international companies in France and Germany (tourism, media & language services, outdoor clothing & gear industry) and has a wide range of work experience in training, translation/subtitling, customer service, communication, web, PR & marketing. Eva-Maria has lived and worked abroad for more than 16 years in 10 countries, including 14 years in France. She speaks German, French, English and Spanish.      


You will receive 2 ICF CCEUs for your participation.


Date: Tuesday, 26 June 2018
18:30 Welcome & registration
19:00 - 21:00 Workshop
21:00 - 22:00 Apero & networking

Language: English

Organized by ICF Suisse Romande

Veronica De la Fuente
Catherine Hickel
Malin Spratt
Nina Giustiniani
Martina Liaudat
Daniel Ahlers
Ewa Duraj
Cindy Rosset
Tatiana Matveeva      


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Webster University
9 Route de Collex (Back Entrance, close to the train station GENTHOD BELLEVUE)
1293 Bellevue 


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