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05-03-2020 - ICF Chapter Meeting Basel

The Voice of the Body  

Speaker:  Karin Meerhoff (MCC)


The Voice of the Body : a contribution of Bioenergetic Analysis to the Coaching practice

How do I hear the corporal signals of the coachee? What resources do I have as a coach to accompany him?

"Bioenergetics rests on the simple proposition that each person is his body. No person exists apart from the living body in which he has existence and through which he expresses himself and relates to the world around him. If you are your body and your body is you, then it expresses who you are. It is your way of being in the world. The more alive your body is, the more you are in the world.” – A. Lowen 

Bioenergetic Analysis is a specific form of body therapy – based upon the continuity between body and mind – rooted in the work of Wilhelm Reich and founded by Alexander Lowen.

Bioenergetics offers a view to connect with our emotions and release them from the movement, unlocking tensions and releasing energy to give us more vitality, and allowing us an internal exploration for our personal development.

Bioenergetics puts us in touch with the corporal and emotional rigidities that prevent us from changing and reaching our goals. It opens a deep listening to our being.


Coaches will find a source to dive deep in the intricate and intimate relationship between body and mind, a way to work in their awareness and to be more grounded, from there translate then this resources to their coaching practice.

In the workshop we will work on the principles of bioenergetics, grounding, breathing. movement, spontaneous expression, vibration, energy, and vitality.

We invite you to come with COMFORTABLE CLOTHES as the workshop will be practical, that means we are going to explore and learn through bioenergetics exercises with our bodies.

ICF Core Competencies

Establishing trust and intimacy with the client / Coaching presence

About the speaker

Karin is an Executive Coach, MCC , Organizational Psychologist, and a Bioenergetic Psychotherapist, with a Master in Business Administration.

She has 27 years of experience developing professionals and leading programs of organizational change.She has focused her career on executive coaching; she works with a range of leaders serving many national and multinational companies in diverse industries across Latin America and Europe.

Her passion has always been helping people develop their full potential and achieving high levels of personal satisfaction.
After years of experience, she discovered how many mental paradigms can block energy and how the execution of body exercises combined with verbal expression, can lead to spaces of self-awareness and self-expression that release the tension that would allow the person to trigger the changes that he is looking for.

She integrates Bioenergetic Approach into her practice to allow herself to be more connected and grounded during the coaching process and to allow people to become connected with their body and emotions and to help them change and maintain the changes in the long term. 


Participants with ICF Certification, will receive 2.0 CCEUs. 


18h00 – registration and networking

18h30 – interactive workshop

20h30 – Apero and networking


15CHF  ICF Switzerland members

25CHF ICF Global members

35CHF ICF guests


Organized by ICF Basel

Christine Billy

Christiane Kosub




Greinfengasse 38, 5th floor, 4058 Basel


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