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ICF Swiss Newsletter June 2019

Dear friends of ICF Switzerland, 

Many thanks for your continuous interest in receiving news from us. Members of ICFS have often approached us, the volunteers who are in the ICFS leadership team, to share opportunities to do Pro-Bono coaching for worthwhile causes. Being in a profession that is so mission-driven, this is not a surprise, and so the Board and I are delighted to be able to share some news with you. Please read on and see if and how you could get involved in the Swiss contribution to the global IGNITE initiative!

We are very proud to share with you that ICF Switzerland has been recognised at the Global Leadership Forum (GLF) in March for the Ignite- Pro bono engagements of 2018. Our ICF Chapter is participating in a global project in partnership with the International Coach Federation Foundation called Ignite: Engaging Humanity Through Education. This initiative is a pro bono coaching program that focuses on The UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goal of Education. Through Ignite, we believe our coaches can help build capacity in accelerating your organization’s impact, and in turn will move forward the goal of ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promoting lifelong education. We believe that coaching is transformative, for coaches and organizations who see their work to ignite social progress in the world. 

We worked with ROCS during 2018. ROCS, The Reformed Open Community Schools is a child focused process facilitator organisation that empowers communities to transform their schools for improved learner outcomes. ROCS is a recognised stakeholder in supporting orphans and vulnerable children to access quality education in rural and peri-urban areas of Zambia. ROCS expressed gratitude and reconized the value of Coaching: « ROCS wish to thanks ICF Switzerland -Ignite Project, for the opportunity given to our employees to be coached on various topics. The skills that our staff have obtained are already showing in the way they perform their tasks. Some of the topics that were interesting to staff are: prioritizing tasks, effective communication with subordinates and superiors, time management, leadership,  how to manage personal, professional and academic life. » ROCS would like to continue the engagement with ICF Switzerland and we are calling for Coaches that would like to be part of this incredible journey. 

We would like to invite you to be part in this incredible Journey! If you hold an ACC (with one renewal), PCC or MCC credential  and you will like to join this Ignite project, you can write to Karin Meerhoff, karin.meerhoff(at)

We also started a tradition a few years ago to honor those professional clients who have embarked on a successful coaching journey, and we are thrilled to announce the third PRISM Award of ICF Switzerland. Yet we need your help: You know who these clients are, and you are in the position to put forward their nomination. The winner(s) will be receiving the award during a festive ceremony at our next AGM end of November. Please help us promote the high standards of professional coaching that distinguish us ICF coaches from many and read on how you could do this! We invite you to learn more: ICF Switzerland Prism Award.

ICF Switzerland received 3 awards during the last global ICF meeting, one for excellence as a mature and successful chapter, one for a significant improvement of the IGNITE process, and one for diligently filling in the Global Coaching Survey. Well, there is another survey to fill in, and we would like to encourage to partake again. Those surveys give helpful input in assessing the global coaching market which is constantly evolving and growing, and it allows ICF to better assess the current status quo. Many thanks for your support in this project.

Wishing you already a beautiful summer, with the warmest regards from Esther Goette and the ICF Switzerland Board.

News from local chapters


Past events

On 12th June we had a very enriching, thought provoking ICF Chapter Event in Basel with Franziska von Blarer and Marco Ronzani on "Patterns in customer relations - solution focused systemic constellation work in coaching, counseling and leadership".  We experienced systemic constellation work with a topic of a coach, his client and the goal.  It was a surprising and insightful way bringing in new perspectives and solutions. This event was in German and we will offer it in English later this year.

Upcoming events

We invite you for a networking apero to celebrate summer, on July 10th at 6pm, at Campari Bar in Basel.


The event planned during the International Coaching Week has been postponed to June 25: Experience Outdoor Coaching - Lerne Coaching in der Natur kennen und erlebe Sinnesaufmerksamkeit, presented by Mario Farber and Rita Kunz.

Swiss Romande
Building your personal brand through Linkedin, Juliette Jain, June 27: People will Google you before they meet you! Did you know that when someone Googles you, your LinkedIn page is one of the first pages to appear in the search results? LinkedIn is NOT just your online CV. 


By wishing you a fruitful summer we offer you an overview of the activities of this first half of the year:

Storytelling: Davide Proverbio

Agile Coaching: Fabio Lisca & Elena Goos

Coaching for students: John Williams

ICF presentation giving a taste of the systemic approach at Afterbusiness hour (ABH): Elena Goos & Romina Henle

On the 12th of June we will celebrate the getting closer of the summer with Andrea Avosani and his workshop "Sell yourself as a coach".

After the summer break we have an event planned for the 17th September. We will visit the Professional Social and Health Center where Daniel Pasquali will talk about Coaching in the world of medicine. Please reserve your spot as soon as possible as the opportunity is there for the first 20 of you.

Would you like to know how to become an ICF member, how to get a credential, which school offers ACTP or ACSTH programs? For any questions, we invite you to attend our chapter events where there will be both the Chapter Team available as well other coaches who can share their experience.


How to boost your coaching with visuals ?, Aurelie Moser, June 24: Do you use visual and sketch in your practices?  While we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, how often do we leverage the benefits of sketching and visualization in our individual or team coaching? As coaches we could embrace these methods to enrich our practices. Join this workshop to explore some simple and practical sketching techniques, share your own tips on how to foster visuals in your practice and get concrete situation and tools to use visual coaching.

More details available at:


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