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Priority management using Kanban

Tuesday, 20th of October, 2020 18.30-19.30
Michèle Richard


Priority management is a widely covered topic as well as a deep concern for many of us.

As a project manager, Michèle Richard, was always deeply interested with this topic.  When she learned about agile methods and more precisely about Kanban, she had a Eureka moment!

Merging traditional best practices and these approaches, she developed a personal method to manage her priorities.

By using this method, she was able to:

    • Reduce her mental load

    • Increase her personal satisfaction

    • Increase the frequency of “serene” days 


At the workshop you will:

Use the method so you can immediately see how it can help you

Prerequisite /Homework

Please, bring with you the list of tasks – ALL of them – that you have planned for the next 4 days.  Use index cards, or pieces of paper, to write ONE task on each card/paper.  You can choose to merge both personal and professional tasks


Michèle Richard is the Founder of Marakoudja, a company fully dedicated to Professional Project Management.
She has over 35 years of experience as Line Manager, Senior Project Manager, Management Consultant and Entrepreneur in multiple industries.
She is hired by enterprises and organization as a senior project manager, a trainer, a coach and as a consultant in professional project management.

A Canadian, she is following PMI® approach since the beginning of her career.


Certified coaches will receive 1 CCEUs for participation


More participants thanks to online event management solutions from XING Events.


Tuesday, 20th of October, 2020


18h30 - 19h30 online workshop


Organized by ICF Chapter Bern

Alexandra Philipona, ACC, Chapter Leader


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