International Coach Federation Switzerland

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30 Mär 2020 | ICF Chapter Zurich, Digicomp Academy AG

Circle of Experts - The Community Effect

After anotherl year in the ICF Zurich Chapter, we would like to present again the new format as successfully tried out in January 2019. With “Circle...


22 Jun 2020 | Chapter Basel

Coaching clients who "know what they need to do, but not doing it"

Which coach doesn't know that? Clients, who know exactly what they need to do, but then don't do it again and again: clean up, prioritize, go ...



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ICFS Veranstaltungen

25 Feb 2020 | 18:00

Kulturwandel – geplant und zugleich improvisiert

ICF Chapter Zurich, Digicomp...
12 Mär 2020 | 18:30

The Voice of the Body

ICF Chapter Basel