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White clouds How might we use music for presence as coach or client?

Presence as a relationship

When you imagine presence in your coaching, what do you see? Hear? Experience? Based on my experience, it is a relationship between me and myself. My client and their selves. Us together.

Sometimes, one of us is more present...

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Step into your solution – online solution focused coaching experience with 70 participants coached at the same time on their own topic


During the International Coaching Week of the ICF Switzerland and on the International Coaching Day (6th May) Petra Müller-Demary was coaching  70 people online - at the same time - in 70 different places or home offices all over Europe - on their own...

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Coaching ist als Instrument der Talententwicklung fest etabliert

“Früher wurde Coaching oftmals als Korrektivmassnahme bei Fehlverhalten von Führungskräften eingesetzt – so nach dem Motto “let’s fix this". Die Zeiten sind langsam aber sicher vorbei” sagt ICF Schweiz Präsidentin Esther Goette. “Heute ist Coaching als...

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Coping with Disruption


Effective coping with disruption in our exponentially changing times asks for leadership agility in learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable to successfully create opportunities when facing challenges.


Coaching can enable engagment for action...

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TransformaCtion: Where Social Innovation is a lived experience

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