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26 Jun 2018 | Chapter Suisse Romande, Webster Univeristy

How to square values? – Overcoming different concepts of values and making them valuable

Personal and cultural values drive the behavior we perceive when interacting with people. But how can we detect these values? How do we deal with...


25 Jun 2018 | Chapter Zurich, Pädagogische Hochschule

Erfolgreiche Anwendung von Coaching-Skills in Transformations-Projekten

Ob Reorganisation, Entlassungen oder Zusammenführung von Teams - Transformations-Projekte zielen darauf ab, einen Bereich oder ein Team komplett zu...


29 Mai 2018 | Chapter Suisse Romande, Webster Univeristy

Lire votre interlocuteur au-delà des mots : Caroline Matteucci

Lors de cette présentation, Caroline Matteucci abordera le thème et les outils du profiling soit : Vous avez dit profiling ? Comment des outils...


23 Mai 2018 | Chapter Ticino, Lugano

Leadership presence

Secondo 268 dirigenti senior intervistati in uno studio del “Centre for Talent Innovation” di New York, la "Leadership presence" conta il 26% per...


14 Mai 2018 | Chapter Zurich, Pädagogische Hochschule

Supervision in Coaching

A lot of things are said about Supervision. A lot of people define themselves as Supervisor. But in fact, what is Supervision, what is a professional...


08 Mai 2018 | Chapter Suisse Romande, Nyon

ICW celebration Lunch & Learn About Coaching!

About Coaching! Followed for a coaching's experience; 30 minutes of individual coaching session for participants in different languages (English,...


26 Apr 2018 | Chapter Suisse Romande

Resilience - rising above uncertainty

Resilience is the capacity to withstand changes around us and to act in ways that allow us to endure. This session will explore the power of...


23 Apr 2018 | Chapter Zurich, 25hours Hotel Zurich Langstrasse

Coach Networking in Zürich

Come and join us at our Coach Networking event in Zürich!
This informal get together provides a great opportunity to meet other passionate coaches in...


18 Apr 2018 | Chapter Ticino, Lugano

Conversazioni strategiche. Muoversi fra differenti prospettive per accompagnare i clienti verso decisioni di qualità

Qual è la prospettiva dalla quale il cliente sta osservando la sua situazione?
Dove orienta la sua attenzione?
Qual è il ruolo del coach nel co-creare...


17 Apr 2018 | Chapter Zurich, J09 / HALL 6

Personal Swiss 2018

For the fourth time in a row, an ICF exhibition booth will be organized @ PERSONAL SWISS for HR professionals in Zurich on 17th and 18th April 2018...





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