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12 Nov 2019 | Chapter Bern, Zytfaenschter

Die wirksame Nutzung der Umstellkompetenz von Coaching-Kunden

An diesem Abend geht es speziell um die Kompetenz uns neu einzustimmen, wenn das Leben nicht so will wie wir.

Mit Kunden einen wirksamen Anfang so...


24 Okt 2019 | Chapter Suisse Romande, Morges

Coaches, let's get these Wheels rolling!

There are many spokes on the wheel of lifeFirst, we are here to explore new possibilities.” - Ray Charles


02 Okt 2019 | Chapter Suisse Romande, Geneva

Salon RH 2019

Pendant ces 2 jours, notre équipe ICF Suisse Romande sera à votre disposition pour toutes informations dont vous pouvez avoir besoin


30 Sep 2019 | Chapter Ticino

HR Ticino & ICF Svizzera Chapter Ticino

HR Ticino & ICF Svizzera Chapter Ticino e vi invitano lunedì 30 Settembre 2019 dalle 17:30 alle 20:30 vi invitiamo al microseminario Il team co-crea...


24 Sep 2019 | ICF Chapter Suisse Romande, WEBSTER UNIVERSITY

Coaching in the future world of work

This workshop will explore the consequences for the coaching profession and for coaches specifically as their clients' needs evolve.


17 Sep 2019 | ICf Chapter Ticino, Lugano

TEAM COACHING NELLA SANITÀ: simulazione ad alta fedeltà come palestra per allenare i fattori umani dei reparti di cura e migliorare la performance. Applicazione dell’approccio Coaching al debriefing.

I processi di cura richiedono competenze cliniche e tecniche sempre aggiornate, l’evoluzione della ricerca medica e della tecnologia richiedono...


27 Aug 2019 | ICF Chapter Zurich

The Power of Self-Acceptance

The ability to accept a person who isn’t sharing your values or to accept a situation that enfolds in an undesired way requires a lot of inner...


27 Jun 2019 | ICF Chapter Suisse Romande, Morges


People will Google you before they meet you!
Did you know that when someone Googles you, your LinkedIn page is one of the first pages to appear in the...


25 Jun 2019 | Chapter Bern, Outdoor - Guemligen

International Coaching Week: Experience Outdoor Coaching !

In dem Workshop wirst du erfahren und lernen, was Outdoor Coaching ausmacht, welche Methoden es gibt.


24 Jun 2019 | ICF Chapter Zurich

How to boost your coaching with visuals ?

Do you use visual and sketch in your practices?  While we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, how often do we leverage the benefits of...





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